Tuesday 30 April 2013

Chinese injection molding making and rapid tooling

Chinese injection molding and rapid tooling:

We make and manufacturer injection molds for components or parts made out of thermoplastics or plastic assembled products in china.


Triple-c designs, since 2000, tooling or molds for your own products. (custom made) It does not matter whether they are single pieces or a millions parts per month. For every quantity and quality we have a solution.

Our tool shop is in China, Jiading Shanghai to be exact.

Our experience is in various markets, and the founders of Triple-c started at Philips BU shavers with designing (design engineer) of electrical shavers .. there we came in contact with the fascinating world of mold making, and soon we decided to start this fascinating business by-ourselves.

In the factory we have made molds for:

the automotive industry (Audi)
bicycle industry (idbike)
furniture fittings
sports articles (surfing, baseball, basketball)
household items.

Mold quality:

we have two qualities:

  1. export quality
  2. own production quality.

isn't that simple right?

Our Mission:

Providing a transparent process, involving  high quality tooling and finished plastic / plastic products manufactured ..


 Our machine park  In Shanghai exists of modern EDM machines, CNC equipment, 6 injection machines.

injection molded plastic parts PC black polycarbonate
injected and assembled plastics part ( PC , poly-carbonate) for the electronics industry