2 components injection moulding

2 components injection moulding

2-component injection moulding process is a technique that allows 2 or 3 different materials to be injected in the cavity of mold. WITH  2 or multi components or 2C techniques, parts can be produced from a combination of different materials produced in a single mould or by 2 mould-cavities 
( overmoulding) Also herein provides Triple-c value-added products to offer. Our  Experience and capabilities are unlimited:

material combinations

• TPE / thermoplastic such as ABS
• TPE / metal
• LSR / thermoplastic
• LSR / metal
• TSR / metal
• TSR / thermoplastic

2Components injection molding making offer designers complete new design freedoms and opportunities to simplify. Composition of parts and materials Also provide technical costs 2C techniques important advantages. Parts of 2C-techniques in relation to components that are assembled large savings in logistics and assembly.

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