what is injection molding?

Injection molding , what is injection moulding

Injection molding is a manufacturing technique in which a liquid thermoplastic is injected into a mold (die), Under high pressure.
 After demolding the product there is almost never a need post-treatment such as drilling, tapping or deburring required. This is also the case for aluminum casting. 
tripel-c limited  offers in addition to this basic form of inejction molding a number of other specialties in the field of injection molding aswell. 
2component Injection  or overmolding is also one of our specializations.
With this technology process  there are two materials combined in a mold. For example, materials with several different properties of materials in two different colors or hard-soft combinations. The chemical bonding of the two components occurs as they merge into one another or in that the first component is constructed such that the second component is mechanically attached. Sometimes, it is desirable that the two materials do not attach to each other. This allows backlash parts in the mold "mount". Our specialists will be happy about what is best achievable for you to advise you. 
Insertmoulding These inserts are made ​​of steel, brass, aluminum, zinc alloy or standard parts down automatically or manually into a mold and molded plastic. As a result, it is possible to combine with the properties of the plastics together with The properties of the insert .

 Machinery Our injection molding division has 6 injection molding machines from 25 to 650 tons of clamping force The machinery is well maintained and old inefficient equipment is replaced.

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