Concurrent Engineering

Concurrent Engineering

Pro actively respond to market

Concurrent Engineering is developing simultaneously, for example, mold and product plus at the same time setting in motion various processes.

Communication and cooperation between the customer and our company must be intensive. The same applies to the communication and cooperation between our designers, mould engineers and our suppliers. We have a (global) network we trust. That confidence comes from our knowledge and the experience we have with many customers form all different countries.

Tripel-c has a lot of experience in this process and can efficient handle the time the customer or necessary.

How to create an outstanding  product

The manufacturer of high quality Safety Products for children asked (kidsnautique) triple-c ltd to assist for the development of a new children's alarm and a safety vest solution.

Kidsnautique schedule was tight and the product requirements were difficult and aset at an ultimate high level, it has function properly, 100%.. and of course it must be innovative and ahead of the competition.

 In close cooperation, the process is determined: concurrent engineering. Normally follow product design, making prototypes and mold production together, now let triple-c proceed several  phases simultaneously.

 This allows all interim findings be applied. Directly to this new model The result is that the realization time of the new models will be significantly reduced and that has the latest technology is applied.

In short: we developed in a short-time  a progressive, innovative product, which thanks to concurrent engineering has a long life cycle. The simultaneous initiation of processes provides strong benefits. Not only can such a product be developed ahead of the competition increases, it is also possible to significantly shorten. Realization time Concurrent engineering is advisable only in a very intensive communication and a strong willingness to cooperate. Risks must be eliminated and the processes, testing and results should close eye to be kept.

Concurrent engineering is  an intensive process that works.