What is a die or a molds which are used for?

A matrix is ​​also called a mold or mold called. In fact, it is a matrix of the negative form and counter-form of the product that one desires to use. There are different types of molds. The material and the shape of a mold is dependent on the product that one wishes to manufacture. In addition, the temperature and pressure is of great importance for the design and the design of the mold. Matrices can be placed and be used for a variety of goods and materials in different units.

How are matrices used?
With molds objects to be moved. Into a certain shape The base material can be injected, sucked, cast in the mold. This material is generally in a liquid state in the mold. The base material is very diverse and can, for example glass, ceramic, metal or plastic. Once the raw material has been placed in the mold, the material is brought into the desired shape by the mold. Usually, the base material is heated when it ends up in the mold. By cooling the hard material and the product gets its shape. This method is among other things used in the casting of metals such as bronze and on the deforming thermoplastic materials. These materials are liquid upon heating and harden while cooling.

Mold design
The design and construction of molds is the work of specialists. Mold design belongs to the mechanical design techniques. The design for a mold to be made carefully. This attention must be paid to the form. The shape of the mold must be established because the mold exactly the correct products have to be manufactured in accordance with the desired shape and the desired dimension very accurately.

In addition, also the material of the mold itself on the desired material characteristics. For example, the mold must be able to withstand high temperatures, where the die is used to apply. Molten metal into the desired shape In some types of plastics or ceramic clay is resistance of the die at high temperatures, it was not desirable.

If a mold is used for injection molding of plastics and other materials, it is important that the mold withstand high pressures and is not going to deform. Further, the mold must be able to be removed without the product coming out of the mold will be damaged.

Also, the choice of material of the mold is important. Some molds are used for a one-off product. Casting in this kind of molds is also called "the lost mold method called. This is used for unique products. For mass production is used other molds longer.

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Manufacturer molds

Once you have determined the design and material, usually steel ( p20, P15) or aluminium of the mold , the tool shop will start the construction of the molds. This work is highly specialized. The shapes of the mold can be made in general by means of machining, wire cutting, edm work.
With the help of the turning and milling machine, parts of the die brought into the desired shape. Next, the components of the mold are joined together by a tool in the tool-maker to a complete the final construction of the mold. This merging may be done by means of threaded connections so that the parts of the mold can be relatively easily. Replace However, it is also possible that the parts of the mold can be permanently connected by means of welding. Welded joints are strong connections that are not removable. The welding of molds should be done by an experienced welder as much heat is introduced which parts of the die to move around during welding.