wooden toys

Children's toys
Toys has in recent years undergone a tremendous development. Including the introduction of game consoles has the word play given a whole new meaning. The wooden top and puzzles of the past seem to have disappeared altogether. From the street
Yet wooden toys again growing strongly. Several manufacturers are engaged in the development of wooden toys for both indoor and outdoor. So there are now obtaining numerous articles pirate ship to dollhouses and modern 3D puzzles to strollers. On this website you can find more information about wooden toys, its sustainability and some examples.

Wooden toys
Plastic play equipment has included the wooden top, wooden pram and wooden jigsaw puzzles supplanted on the toy. Where formerly of wood toy was made, it is the last few years especially plastics. Yet wooden toys still popular. It is sturdy, a beating file and edit properly. In addition, playing with wooden toys numerous benefits.

Educational Toys
Playing and learning is done with educational toys.  And so  learning becomes much more fun. Did we all have heard nagging kids about their boring school?
 Today, children are especially fascinated by computer games, television and the Internet. So it would not hurt if they are stimulated and challenged in other ways.

Through educational toys, learning and play are very easy to combine. So you can be sure that your child learn something from his game and prepared him well for the school period. One example of such a toy is a new wooden block construction Toy: Lucotoys , invented by 2 parents of a creative 5 year old little architect.

Durable toys
Although plastic toy looks nice, it goes quickly broken. Where wood is resistant to rough handling, breaks sometimes some plastic playing material off. As a parent you want your child to derive pleasure from his or her toys. A good reason to look for durable toys, or toys that are guaranteed to last longer is and where children will have! Still fun

The Luco construction  construction kit-made in vietnam by manufacturingvietnam
With MOOV you really get only accounted toys at home. The kit MOOV stimulates children's imagination, creativity and technical capabilities. MOOV consists mainly of basic materials such as rings, rubber pads and pieces of wood. With MOOV children can build structures according to the book, but also according to their own ideas. MOOV is not for nothing that the price Toy of the Year in 2008 and won ...