advantages of wooden toys

wooden toys have been replaced increasingly by plastic toys  for years. Many parents are concerned with the production of plastics and nowadays they are more aware of the benefits of wooden toys.
Wood is a natural and renewable resource. While sometimes uses harmful plasticizers in industrially produced plastic toys. Moreover, it is made of plastic raw material oil. And this is known to be less.
Apart from the obvious environmental benefits offers wooden toys, there are also advantages for the development of children.
Wooden toys has a different structure than plastic toys and thereby stimulates all senses of a child.
Children learn about their environment by sensing and groping know and tell Wood is a very suitable material.
Many people even inherit wooden toys or their parents or grandparents. It's just very robust and stable. It also encourages creativity.
Even though wooden toys is a little more expensive to buy, so this investment is worth it, but really. Since you usually off fun here much longer.
If something should ever go, so to fix it with a little wood glue. Wooden toys you soon miss Plastic toys you can throw away than most.
Wood is a living material that brings nature into the nursery. Wooden toys usually look much hotter than plastic toys.
Made of wood, you can make everything from building stones, over house up of a doll to the store because wood is a very versatile material.
The special wooden toys is that each take is unique. Each toy looks unique becuase of the grain and structure of the wooden sources. for example Luco toys that is not a design toys but also stimulates the child's creativity and intelligence made in vietnam by manufacturingvietnam triple-c
Wood is free of toxins, if it was handled properly and therefore completely harmless and already recommended for toddlers. Wooden toys promotes the feeling development of babies and young children. The child submited wooden Sinneseindruecke totally different, like the smell of wood.
The risk of injury in wooden toys is much lower and much worse bacteria can multiply on wood than plastic. Additionally, you can replenish some Spielsaetze very good.
Recommended for example Ostheimer Kinderkram by Konrad Keller or Ostheimer nativity.