machining thermoplastics, milling plastics

Plastic processing by turning, milling and drilling.

In production machining shape molded parts or semi-finished products such as slabs, solid rods and tubes made ​​of thermoplastic materials are machined by sawing, drilling, turning, milling or planing in single or batch production processes. A good result in the machining of plastics requires a lot of experience and the right tools. triple  has several partners who can do this in China.
Plastic turned parts made ​​of PP, PE, PVC, PVDF, PA, POM, PETP, PTFE or PEEK, up to a diameter of 1600 mm.
Plastic machined parts made ​​of PP, PE, PVC, PVDF, PA, POM. 
plastic plate processing in PP, PE, PVC, PVDF, PA, POM, PMMA, PC in sizes up  4000x2000x100mm.
It is a comprehensive and versatile machine facilities, such as:
CNC machining centers:
  • x3000 y1200 z1000 mm, with Heidenhain control, manual swiveling spindle head
  • x1144 y636 z609 mm, with Siemens control
  • x 750 mm Y400 z450, with Heidenhain control
CNC portal milling:
  • X4200 y2200 z100 mm, with Heidenhain control, for plate processing with vacuum chuck, chip extraction and 15KW spindle.
Cycle-controlled half Frontal lathe with motorized sliding upper bed, with maximum swing diameter 1600mm x 1000mm approx , Diameter 620 x 5000mm turning length.
for more information on cnc machining please click here for prototypingchina or for injection molded parts  mouldplastic.