injection molding services in china

Our company, Triple-c,  delivers 4 services.

2d cad design engineering

A perfect component or part starts with high quality mold, and a high quality mold starts with a perfect thoughtfull mould design. And this start with the perfect designed and engineered parts  That is what we are do daily. Design in 3 cad perfect parts for plastics injection molding. Already in an early stage we  know the part structure, parting line, gate sprue locations and so on. ( see also designisreason )

prototyping by rapid prototyping china-->

injection molding mold company in china is yoru supplier for molds made in china.

For the actual manufacturer of new moulds Triple-c has a wide range of chinese suppliers that meet strict quality requirements. And each tool shop has its own strengths. The process of Edm, cnc machining and Assembly is carried out by these oversees mainalnd china suppliers.

Because of this, it is not necessary for  Triple-c to invest in a large machine park for machining. Your advantage is that competitive rates working against  Triple-c can deliver. We  can provide the added value that are in terms of the total range of services relating to the manufacture of dies.
Practical thinking along with the design
Consultation with the applicability of the product "your end product"
Designs with a view to sustainability and maintainability of the dies
Trial injection mouldings in own home
Aftercare and service

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