Mold design and machine setup

Mold design 

A Proper mold design and machine setup are essential parts for quality injection molding. Triple c injection mold company is your assistant in creating 2d and 3 d cad files from your design ideas until manufacturing perfect molds and plastic parts.

Designing high quality molds is our core business or markets. In Shanghai in our factory we have daily 4 to 5 mold engineers, who have a rich experience in deigning complex molds for all kinds of business, such as automotive, medical consumer electronics domestic appliances and so on.

the mold designers will together with a industrial part engineer start an analysis of the to be produces plastic part.
First of all a check will be made on that part. Wall-thicknesses radii and other im portant issues will be discussed and where necessary changed. also ejector pins , sprue points etc will be clarified and discussed with customer. A mold analysis will be made.

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